what i did to make this picture look better was i used the eyedropper tool  i also used the brush tool and the smudge tool to make it look smoove 

what i did to make this look more real was use the fire tool and then i use the blur tool also to blur in some of the spots.

what i used to make the eye look more real was adjustment tool but i use the curve tool this time.

the way i got it lighter  is by using the adjustment and then i us the bright tool i also used the smudge tool.




to crate this picture i took a zebra body and a leopard  head and i used a crown. i used photo shop. and the tools i used was the move tool, the quick selection tool , and the smudge tool.


To crate this picture i used the brush tool i used the eyedropper tool and i also used the color tool. and i made it in photo shop.